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Man sleeping peacefully after using DELTA Deep Sleep Supplement Man sleeping peacefully after using DELTA Deep Sleep Supplement

Deep Sleep Is Your Superpower

Deep Sleep Is Your Superpower

BrainLuxury fuels your brain with deep sleep supplements for natural, healthy sleep.

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Natural Deep Sleep

Natural deep sleepwithout melatonin

When did you last wake-up feeling refreshed?

When did you last wake-up feeling refreshed?


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Incredible Deep Sleep:
Your Powerful Brain

A cosy bed ready for a good nights sleep A cosy bed ready for a good nights sleep

Safe ingredients

Safe ingredients

No animal products
No gluten
No added sugar
No added sugar

Deep Sleep Supplements: For Natural Sleep

DELTA: What's Inside?

DELTA: What's Inside?


Amino acid glycine for sleep is one of 20 amino acids in our bodies; it's present in foods like seafood and shellfish. Glycine, an amino acid, improves your sleep quality by shortening the time to fall asleep and accelerating the time to your deep sleep phase. The deep sleep phase, also called slow wave sleep, is a critical stage of sleep as it is when the body heals and your cognitive function is restored.

Omega-3 & 9: DHA & EPA

Omega 3 and omega 9, essential fatty acids, are sourced from algae, flaxseed, and MCT oil. Research suggests that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), are associated with better sleep quality. How? These oils' presence in DELTA helps extend your initial deep sleep phase, allowing your brain to fully recharge and build neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. Omega 3 for sleep? Yes!

Tryptophan, Magnesium & Zinc

Tryptophan, another important amino acid, is found in meats, dairy products, and nuts. Tryptophan supplements for sleep, paired with a low concentration of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc, enable the parallel creation of melatonin and serotonin in your brain, as individually needed. Research shows, typically this will happen after 3-5 hours of sleep.

Vitamins C, D3 & E

These vitamins for sleep promotion help build neuroplasticity and help your body create melatonin and serotonin naturally. We have processed these ingredients into a scientifically-backed formula that includes exactly the right dosages of each to send you straight to sleep. Our DELTA drinks use leading technology to emulsify the fats and acids as you shake and drink the mixture. This results in the perfect serving to your brain for the fuel it needs for deep natural sleep.

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Who is BrainLuxury?
Science drives the innovation behind our products. BrainLuxury, trailblazer of supplements that are backed by science, is the fuel your brain needs to support natural sleep and focus without artificial stimulants.

Our products contain 100% safe ingredients, free of preservatives, gluten, added sugar and animal products.
What is DELTA BrainLuxury™?
DELTA by BrainLuxury is a drink that provides your brain with the natural fuel it needs to support natural deep sleep, without artificial melatonin.

The formula uses glycine, tryptophan, essential fatty acids and vitamins to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality by stimulating your natural melatonin and serotonin production. With DELTA, your brain finds its way back to a sleep phase where it can recharge while resting and can decide for itself how long and how deep of a sleep it needs.

✓ Improve deep sleep
✓ Fall asleep faster and feel energized
✓ 100% safe and transparent ingredients
What is GAMMA BrainLuxury™?
GAMMA by BrainLuxury, the perfect daytime accompaniment to DELTA, is the second trailblazing drink from BrainLuxury. It’s designed to fill up your brain with the nutrients it needs, so you can achieve longer periods of focus and experience your days at the Optimum. You are the best version of yourself while feeling energized, focused - yet calm.

The formula uses Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Resveratrol, essential oils, and natural vitamins to help you put thoughts into action and turn focus into performance, stimulating your brain’s neuroplasticity.

✔️ Natural enthusiasm
✔️ Focus longer
✔️ Feel energized
✔️ Nourish your brain
✔️ 100% safe and transparent ingredients
How do I become a Brand Partner?
To register your interest in becoming a Brand Partner, please email info@brainluxury.com. Our team will provide all the necessary details and let you know as soon as the exciting program launches.


Bottled brilliance. DELTA uses tryptophan, glycine, essential fatty acids and vitamins to help you achieve natural deep sleep with none of the nasty side effects of artificial melatonin.

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