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Deep sleep is needed for the human body to feel mentally and physically healthy.

Sleeping problems, side effects from artificial melatonin supplements or feeling groggy in the morning might indicate that you lack deep sleep.

DELTA supports your brain's natural melatonin production. It provides the key nutrients needed for natural deep sleep

✓ Improve deep sleep
✓ Fall asleep faster and feel energized
✓ 100% safe and transparent ingredients

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DELTA BrainLuxury™

Supports natural deep sleep without artificial melatonin.

Brainluxury, Delta Bottle
Brainluxury, Delta Bottle
Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating Product Rating
Use cases
Improve your deep sleep.
Fall asleep faster.
Wake up refreshed.
No grogginess in the morning.
  • Desperate for sleep: 1 bottle / night
  • Improve sleep: 2-3 bottles / week
  • Ad hoc support: When deep sleep is needed the most
Package sizes
Deep sleep is needed for the human body to feel mentally and physically healthy.
It is your daily investment in your health.
BrainLuxury DELTA supports your natural sleep — daily or when you need it the most.
DELTA BrainLuxury 5 Box 5 Box

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Proven by our customers

DELTA works for our customers.
Digital sleep assessment results:

71 %

Faster onset of sleep

74 %

Improved sleep quality

84 %

Feeling better in the morning

Dr. Claire Muselman
Ray Andre
Ethan Corbett

100% safe ingredients

100% safe ingredients

No animal products
No gluten
No added sugar
No added preservatives

Why DELTA and not Melatonin

Why DELTA and not Melatonin

DELTA BrainLuxury™

OTC Melatonin

DELTA BrainLuxury™

OTC Melatonin

Improved deep sleep

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No grogginess in the morning

Check icon

Natural melatonin production

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Falling asleep faster

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Supports optimal brain function

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Supports learning, memory function

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Impact of DELTA BrainLuxury™ on sleep stages

DELTA BrainLuxury™ supports your natural sleep when...

You are stressed and have ongoing sleeping trouble.
You want to live your best and healthy life.
You need to trust in being able to sleep deeply and wake up energized.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DELTA BrainLuxury™?
DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a drink.

It provides your brain with the fuel it needs to support natural sleep.*

The formula uses glycine, tryptophan, essential fatty acids and vitamins to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality by stimulating your natural melatonin and serotonin production.

Our products do not contain any artificial melatonin. DELTA is a deep sleep supplement with nutrients and other ingredients that trigger your sleep.

With DELTA BrainLuxury™, your brain finds its way back to a sleep phase where it can recharge while resting and can decide for itself how long and how deep of a sleep it needs.
What ingredients are in DELTA?
Please visit https://brainluxury.com/pages/ingredients-delta for more information.
What is so special about the formula?
Over 60% of our brain is fat. A fundamental piece of brain nutrition is a composition of fatty acids that we need to consume to give our brain what it needs to perform at its best. However, we sometimes lack these in modern diets. With DELTA, we created a nutritional recipe that contains the fatty acids and amino acids your brain needs to perform at its optimum; to allow us to enter deep sleep and restore for the day ahead.*
Is DELTA a sleeping agent?
No. DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a nutritional supplement. It does not contain sleeping agents (in contrast to OTC melatonin supplements). DELTA BrainLuxury™ provides the precursor to melatonin, an amino acid called tryptophan. This allows the brain to use as much or as little as it needs to produce a deep sleep.* We believe sleep is very individual and your brain knows best how to get you into deep sleep.
Does DELTA contain melatonin?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any melatonin.

We believe that our brains should decide how much melatonin they need to create natural sleep.

Therefore, DELTA contains the natural precursor of melatonin: tryptophan. If you take DELTA, your brain will use the appropriate amount of tryptophan to produce melatonin naturally.
Does DELTA contain THC?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any THC.
Does DELTA contain CBD?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any CBD.
Can I vape DELTA BrainLuxury™?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a nutritional supplement that you can drink. You cannot vape it.
Is DELTA FDA-approved?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve dietary supplements, it regulates them. The DELTA BrainLuxury™ formula and label follow all appropriate FDA guidelines.
Brainluxury, Delta bottle

How to use

We recommend taking Delta 15-20 minutes before you go to sleep. You can take it with or without food, ideally after brushing your teeth.

For best results:
Drink once a day before bedtime.

Cool it

Keep refrigerated below 45F.

Shake it

To activate the ingredients

Drink it

15-20 minutes before bedtime

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