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Backed By Verifiable Science & More Than 5000 People…

This “Golden Sleep Liquid” Helps You Fall Asleep AND Supports Natural Deep Sleep. Say Goodbye Traditional “Solutions”

Leave The Melatonin Pills, Sleep Hacks That Don’t Work, or Complicated Changes to Your Lifestyle… 

Woman unable to sleep, with melatonin pills on the nightstand

Let’s be real with each other… Regular Melatonin can be problematic in the long term. 

Some 'sleep aids' add to the problem by making you feel drowsy.

Some can make you feel groggy in the morning.

You might feel like you have almost no energy throughout the day...

When people tell us they are not satisfied with melatonin supplements, we can understand the confusion because lots of people use it.

It can seem like the only option if you are sick of waking up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, struggling to stay asleep.

So you take them anyway because you can’t fall asleep...

You try it because you’re sick of waking up in the middle of the night…tossing and turning. Struggling to fall AND stay asleep…

In other words, melatonin supplements haven't been working for you.

But, melatonin is the sleep hormone, right? Isn't that what I need to sleep well? 

You're right, melatonin is commonly known as THE sleep hormone. It is crucial for sleep, but not all melatonin is created equally. 

The “go to” melatonin that you can get at nearly every pharmacy and grocery store, the melatonin everyone seems to take….this is either a synthetic version of human melatonin made in a lab, or it is sourced from the pineal gland of animals. 

Man in bed unable to sleep at 2:32 in the morning

“This has been life-changing for me - I don't remember the last time I was able to get a decent night's rest, and Delta finally changed that.”

Wait, what?  

It’s not your body’s OWN melatonin, produced naturally in your brain in the right amounts. 

Melatonin is naturally made in your brain when it has the precursor nutrients, like Tryptophan, which it needs to fuel natural brain function. 

Using melatonin supplements is a synthetic version of this process, which could flood your brain with too much, potentially causing a down regulation of your melatonin receptors. 

Plus, did you know that recently a Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine study found that the dose of OTC melatonin supplements varied from −83% to +478% of what was labeled! 

When the average American takes 5mg, you can do the math that the dose difference could be huge. And, your brain is only meant to make 0.1 - 0.8mg…

So, what else can you do? 

If you are worried about throwing off your hormone balance, a more natural way to help your brain make melatonin itself is to make sure you're getting the nutrients it needs to function naturally. 

Essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are ingredients your brain loves and help you sleep naturally.

Maybe you’re doing everything else right - screens off before bed, less caffeine, mindfulness, and exercise - but still can’t get those Zzzs.

You might feel like you’re in a vicious cycle of lack of sleep and lack of energy. You’re trying, but you can’t get the sleep that you so desperately need. 

The longer it goes on, you feel like it’s getting worse…

You dread the evening because you know you’re going to be in for another long and exhausting night.

You feel stressed that your brain isn’t working the way you want it to.

Everything might feel like its falling apart.

The worry and fatigue from sleeplessness start to take their toll in the mornings.

You don’t feel like your happy self, and it might be starting to affect your relationships.

Images and quotes from Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Matthew Walker
Images of and quotes from Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Matthew Walker regarding the problems with melatonin supplements

“Finally a natural solution to my sleepless nights...”

Pause. Take a moment. We can help! 

We’ve spent the last few years trying to find a REAL solution…

A solution that helps your brain get back to its best. Functioning naturally, producing your OWN melatonin and serotonin as nature intended. Good sleep is critical and responsible for physical and mental wellbeing.  

Why do we care? Because we’ve been there…

70% of Americans Are Experiencing Sleep Issues Each Month… That’s Around A WHOPPING 70 MILLION People

Woman unable to sleep at 2:20 in the morning.

“Finally a natural solution to my sleepless nights...”

If you’ve kept reading this far…are you one of them?

There is a new way that we can help you. You might be asking yourself how?…

Firstly, we stay away from melatonin supplements, habit forming drugs and ‘quick fixes’ that might be making your nightly sleep situation even worse. 

We provide the nutrition that will fuel your brain, not overwhelm it.  

There’s FINALLY a better way to get the sleep your body craves…

A Discovery of What Some Are Calling a New

“Golden Sleep Liquid” That Gets You to Sleep Faster AND Gets You The Deep Sleep You Need…

We Call It - DELTA

Infographic listing the ingredients and their purpose in DELTA BrainLuxury
Infographic showing the ingredients in DELTA BrainLuxury and the benefits of each in supporting sleep

“After finding out that I've been overdosing on melatonin from the very first time I took it, I immediately starter looking for natural sleeping aids - this is by far the best quality one I've ever tried. I can once again sleep through the night.”

The secret behind DELTA is that it helps your body do what it's supposed to do naturally: Deep, refreshing sleep.

No sedatives.

No morning grogginess.

Non-habit-forming ingredients.

✓ Improve deep sleep

✓ Fall asleep faster and feel energized

✓ 100% transparent ingredients

As you’ll see…

With the right nutrients, a natural sleep architecture can be achieved. No hangover or “drowsiness”.

No syntheric melatonin inside. Just the nutrients your brain needs for natural sleep:

Essential fatty acids

Amino acids

Vitamins and minerals

This fast-acting ”Golden Sleep Liquid” could help you get back to sleeping like a baby.

One that helps your brain work naturally. Where your sleep signals happen at the right time…

So HOW does this work? 

Well… without getting TOO technical…

A reason why you don’t get a good night’s sleep or wake up exhausted…could be because your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to NATURALLY create BOTH Melatonin and Serotonin. Made at the right time for natural sleep. 

Give your body the nutrients it needs, it should do the rest.

You can see from this chart how your sleep cycle looks on a good night, and a bad night. Notice where the nutrients kick in: 

Infographic showing good and bad sleep patterns, and the benefits of DELTA BrainLuxury
Bar graph showing improvements in customer sleep after using DELTA BrainLuxury

“I love Delta! I always wake up rested and energized after taking it before bed.”

Here’s the bottom line. You shouldn’t have to suffer needlessly…

There’s a better, simpler way you can try.

Instead of just slapping a “bandaid” on your sleep problem by taking a few melatonin pills each night and hoping for the best.

Here’s the good news…You can try BrainLuxury’s solution DELTA solution today…

With flexible purchase options and an amazing offers - the easiest way to get good sleep, fast.

This week, you could be sleeping soundly, like you haven’t in years…

IF you take advantage of our offers today, on this special page below.

Hand holding a single bottle of DELTA BrainLuxury

We’re encouraging anyone that might want to sleep better to click the button below and try out DELTA BrainLuxury today…

The information Brainluxury provides is for educational and informational use only. The information is not intended to be used by the customer for any diagnostic purpose and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition or impairment or the status of your health. References:

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