BrainLuxury Chats | Dr Claire Muselman | "I have absolutely loved DELTA"

BrainLuxury Chats | Dr Claire Muselman | "I have absolutely loved DELTA"

"I have absolutely loved the experience with DELTA. Light's out and then I'm done for the night. It's fantastic."

Meet BrainLuxury convert Dr. Claire Muselman! A self-described over achiever, Claire wears many high-profile hats and needs to be productive and efficient every day to maximize her precious time. 

Based in Iowa, Claire is the Chief Risk Officer for an industrial services company and a professor at Drake University, not to mention being a writer AND public speaker on top. 

We sat down with Claire for another edition of BrainLuxury Chats to hear all about her experience with DELTA by BrainLuxury. Read more below, or watch the full video interview here.


"Prior to the pandemic. I was not sleeping much at all. I am a go, go, go, chronic overachiever. How much can I stack into my day? Can I make every half hour meaningful, and purpose-driven in some capacity? Sleep was not a priority at all. I would say I got maybe four to five hours a night tops and would be just, you know, overdosing on caffeine from the moment I woke up. You know, I was not the healthiest I should have been."


Being an avid go-getter meant sleep was at the bottom of the to-do list for Claire, especially during her doctorate. Sleepless nights, chronic coffee drinking, and plenty of wind-down-wine led to Claire finding she had a gall bladder issue. 

This is when she started to pay attention to her sleep cycle and work harder at getting more Zzzs with less wake-ups during the night. This is where she found DELTA by BrainLuxury.


"I started to try and do a better job of getting more sleep. But as we know, getting more sleep does not necessarily mean that it's quality sleep. So, I was making a conscious effort to get at least seven hours, which is very good, and was, in fact, around the time that I found DELTA. I have absolutely loved the experience with BrainLuxury. 
Since drinking DELTA, my wake-ups are down to zero, possibly one if I've had copious amounts of fluids, whereas before, it would be 3-4 times a night, being really anxious about my life goings on. I would want to get up and go and check my phone, counting down how many more hours I could get."


Claire found DELTA was making a real difference to her lifestyle as an easily implemented solution. 


"I have noticed I don't drink nearly as much coffee as I used to, and I'm not drinking any wine anymore, so there have been some significant shifts in my overall health as a result. I don't need 17 cups of coffee to wake up in the morning, and I would have a lot of coffee. Now, maybe two before I go to work and then nothing throughout the way. I've seen a huge difference. 
DELTA is the only thing that I am taking at night now. I keep it in my fridge, and I take it when I head upstairs before drawing a really hot bath, like as hot as I can possibly make the water. I am lights out by the time I get over to my bed. Sometimes I'll read, but I haven't needed it lately. Lights out and then I'm done for the night - it's fantastic, just awesome."


We asked Claire to expand on the DELTA difference: 


"I was super excited about this! I haven't had dreams that I could remember in years. When I got my first package of DELTA, I started dreaming again. Wow. That was when I knew it was like, oh, something's different here. Like this is actually kicking me into legitimate quality sleep. It's been interesting to have dreams and then, you know, try and figure out what your dreams mean. I've also noticed, I sleep hard every night instead of having light nights and then really heavy days."


How else has DELTA changed your life? 


"I ended up switching up a lot of my creativity times to more of the morning, and it makes it a lot easier because I can hit focus much sooner. I like to wake up and meditate, and then it's right into creative flow. That's my more optimal circadian rhythm, so that is really helpful to be able to wake up refreshed and then just kind of like meditate to get set for the day.
Then my day starts quite abruptly where it's like, all right, let's go. Let's get this stuff done. Let's build content. Let's get our class notes ready for the day - whatever it is. I think that using DELTA has helped me transition into that quality and productivity, setting the tone for my morning."


Would you recommend DELTA? 


"I absolutely would recommend DELTA to my personal connections. I'm always fascinated by how many people either watch copious amounts of TV before they go to bed or will doom scroll, even waking up in the middle of the night and start scrolling. 
I would recommend DELTA to anyone that's having any type of sleep issues to begin with, but also my friends that are overproductive, where you are managing multiple habits during the day. We all have a very, you know, it's not an infinite amount of time that we have to be productive during the day. How you want to use that time is up to you, but this has really helped set the tone for optimal productivity. To anyone that wants to really optimize your day, it starts at night by getting a quality night sleep and having your routine the night before to propel you through the day."


Any final words? 


"When we think about sleep, we think about how it's supposed to be repairing our bodies. And the one thing that I've loved about BrainLuxury is I feel like it's feeding my brain right? While everything else is repairing itself. This is when my brain gets the time to repair itself as well in like a more enhanced way.
We give ourselves food to try and continue the energy cycles with our bodies, and I really think that DELTA is that additional, that really helps restore the brain cells, the connectivity, and makes us just have a better overall quality of life."


Thank you to Claire, a wonderful BrainLuxury customer who we are delighted to have helped during her sleep journey. 


We hope this has helped you on your quest for good sleep. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to our team.

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