Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About BrainLuxury

How and why did BrainLuxury start?
We are your brain’s biggest fans! BrainLuxury was born from a personal need to help those closest to the Founders of BrainLuxury. After years of watching his once active sister struggle with poor sleep, made worse with antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds and sleeping agents, BrainLuxury Co-Founder and Chairman, Axel Bouchon, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Using his experience in biochemistry and neurological brain development, he tried and tested different ways of supplementing foods to help induce deep sleep for his sister. Over three weeks, and after rounds of unpalatable formulas, he developed a nutritional supplement to improve deep sleep.

This supplement helped boost his sister's sleep in a time of momentous need. Afterward, her meager three hours of sleep a night became a satisfying eight hours a night, complete with an energy boost in the morning. It was life-changing for his family, and he set out to help others but needed help bringing it to market. This is how DELTABrainLuxuryTM was born.
Are you backed by science?
Yes - you can read the science, research and substantiation claims for our products here.
Will you be working on other Brain Health products?
Absolutely, we're not stopping at deep sleep and daytime focus. We want to support your brain to be its best in lots of ways. Watch this space and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about product launches and news.
Do you have a scientific advisory board?
Yes, we do. We are proud to be a science-based company, built by a team of scientists, researchers and thought leaders - all passionate about brain health. You can learn more about our scientific advisors and general team here.

Account Management

How do I update my billing/shipping information?
You may manage your billing and shipping addresses along with your payment method in your account.
I am unable to log in on the website. How do I reset my password?
If you have a registered account, please click on the “Sign In” button at the upper right hand corner of our homepage. Click on “Forgot My Password” and enter the email address associated with your account to receive a password reset email.
When will my credit card be charged?
You are billed every 4 weeks when your subscription renews, using the payment method you have on file. You may view, change, or pause your next shipment date and manage your settings in your account.

DELTA Product Information

What is DELTA BrainLuxury™?
DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a dietary supplement. It provides your brain with the fuel it needs to support natural sleep.*

The formula uses glycine, tryptophan, essential fatty acids and vitamins to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality by stimulating your natural melatonin and serotonin production.

It is not a sleeping agent. Instead, it is a product with nutrients and other ingredients that trigger your sleep.

With DELTA BrainLuxury™, your brain finds its way back to a sleep phase where it can recharge while resting and can decide for itself how long and how deep of a sleep it needs.
What is so special about the formula?
Over 60% of our brain is fat. A fundamental piece of brain nutrition is a composition of fatty acids that we need to consume to give our brain what it needs to perform at its best. However, we sometimes lack these in modern diets. With DELTA, we created a nutritional recipe that contains the fatty acids and amino acids your brain needs to perform at its optimum; to allow us to enter deep sleep and restore for the day ahead.*
What ingredients are in DELTA?
Please visit for detailed information.
How do I use DELTA?
Using DELTA is simple. To enjoy the benefits, please follow these steps: Cool it: Keep refrigerated below 45F Shake it: Shake your DELTA bottle to activate the ingredients Drink it: Drink DELTA 15-20 minutes before bedtime
Where is DELTA produced?
All BrainLuxury products are produced in Munich, Germany 🇩🇪, where we have our own purpose-built production facility.
Is DELTA FDA-approved?
The DELTA formula and label follow FDA guidelines. The FDA itself does not approve dietary supplements, but rather regulates them as food products.
Is DELTA a medical or prescription product?
No, DELTA is not a medicine and you do not need a prescription. DELTA is a nutritional supplement that supports your brain’s ability to sleep deeply naturally.

The information Brainluxury provides is for educational and informational use only. The information is not intended to be used by the customer for any diagnostic purpose and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

You should always consult a physician before using DELTA if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition or impairment or the status of your health.
Is DELTA a sleeping agent? How is it different from a sleeping agent?
No. DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a nutritional supplement and contains no artificial melatonin. It does not contain sleeping agents (unlike OTC melatonin supplements). DELTA BrainLuxury™ provides the precursor to melatonin; an amino acid called tryptophan.

This allows the brain to use as much or as little as it needs to produce deep sleep.* We believe sleep is very individual, and your brain knows best how to get you into deep sleep.
Does DELTA contain Melatonin?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any melatonin.

We believe that our brains should decide how much melatonin they need to create natural sleep. Therefore, DELTA contains the natural precursor of melatonin: tryptophan. If you take DELTA, your brain will use the appropriate amount of tryptophan to produce melatonin naturally.

We are passionate about brain health, fueling your brain with the nutrients it needs to work at its Optimum.
How does DELTA compare to artificial Melatonin?
✓ Improved deep sleep
✓ No grogginess in the morning
✓ Natural melatonin production
✓ Supports optimal brain function
✓ Supports learning and memory function
Does DELTA contain gluten?
No, DELTA does not contain gluten.
Is DELTA vegan?
None of the ingredients in DELTA are derived from animal sources. Delta itself is plant-based.
Is DELTA patented?
The patent for the formula of DELTA has been submitted for review and approval and is pending.
Do I need to take DELTA with food?
You can take DELTA with or without food.
Does DELTA help you fall asleep faster?
DELTA provides Glycine, a natural component that allows you to enter a deep sleep phase quicker, and works readily with your brain, allowing it to rest after all the stimulation from a long day.

Amino acid glycine for sleep is one of 20 amino acids in our bodies; it's present in foods like seafood and shellfish. Glycine, an amino acid, improves your sleep quality by shortening the time to fall asleep and accelerating the time to your deep sleep phase. The deep sleep phase, also called slow wave sleep, is a critical stage of sleep as it is when the body heals and your cognitive function is restored.
How will I know if DELTA is right for me?
You may want to try the DELTA Trial Pack first, to see if you like it. If you’re experiencing DELTA for the first time, DELTA should help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. Alternately, you could get more complete results if you opt for a 10 Box and follow the full TYO program. From there, you can find the best subscription, based on your personal results. Please see our guide below for more information.

When using DELTA, you can base your future use on the following guide:

DELTA usage can be tailored for each individual based on their unique needs and experience. If you feel that you benefit from the DELTA experience and truly enjoy it, you can certainly take it each night, even if you are not desperate for sleep. As DELTA is a dietary supplement providing extra nutrition for your brain, there is no reason to discontinue it if it continues to work for you.
What is the average use of DELTA?
When our customers use DELTA for a positive effect on natural sleep, we see the following usage pattern:

50-60% prefer a 20-Box per month plan
15-20% prefer a 30-Box per month plan
20-25% prefer a 10-Box per month plan
Does DELTA contain THC or CBD?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any THC. No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any CBD.
Does it take a few days or doses to feel the difference with DELTA?
The effects and results are unique for each individual. Some people start seeing results within one night. However, there are some for whom it will take a few days to ramp up the brain with the nutrients it needs or has been lacking. That's why we recommend taking DELTA for a full week, to see if the benefits will come, and what those benefits are.
Can I try DELTA before getting a subscription?
Yes, you can. Even better, it is risk-free! We offer a DELTA 5 Box, including 5 bottles to use across 7-days. For those who haven't tried DELTA before, this offers a solid foundation to the benefits of DELTA to see if it works for you.

We are confident that DELTA will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and make you feel better in the morning. However, if you are not satisfied, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee on your DELTA 5-box.
What changes may you feel as a result of taking DELTA?
DELTA is intended to extend the duration of your deep sleep phase of sleep and help you feel better rested in the morning. However, when using DELTA it is also possible that you may:

- Fall asleep faster
- Experience improved mood
- Feel more rested and recharged the next day
- Experience increased energy, productivity, and creative capacity the next day
- Experience deep serenity the next morning (from tryptophan)
- Sometimes feel sleepy when the alarm bell rings (disruption of a natural sleep cycle by the alarm bell)
- Recall having vivid dreams
- Wake up after a deep sleep phase, though this is less common
I took DELTA for three days and slept well until the third night, for example. Why?
Based on this result, it’s possible that you do not need to take a full dose of DELTA each night. If you consume excess DELTA, your brain will not need to convert all of the precursor into melatonin and will instead leave you with a surplus of serotonin, which can induce waking.

DELTA is not a sleeping agent, so it will not keep you asleep once your brain is naturally ready to wake. We recommend taking just three vials of DELTA over the course of a week to see whether this provides the optimal balance of brain chemistry.
I have taken DELTA for multiple nights but have not noticed any changes in my sleep. Should I keep trying?
If DELTA is the right sleep supplement for your particular sleep challenges, you will notice a change within the first few days of use. If you have no change after this time, it could be that DELTA is not the right sleep supplement for you.

It could be that you are taking additional substances that may interfere with the effects – such as melatonin or other health supplements, prescription medications, etc. Please consult your physician before changing any medication or altering your medicines.
How does travel factor impact my use of BRAINLUXURY™️ products? Do different time zones affect the use of DELTA?
If you’re traveling, you can use DELTA in the same way as you would at home. DELTA has been tested and shown to improve symptoms of jet lag. One serving of DELTA is 60ml, which is acceptable as a carry-on liquid. Be sure to refrigerate your vial(s) as soon as you arrive at your destination, like you would with fresh juice from the store.

We recommend taking your dose of DELTA whenever you feel you are ready for a full night of sleep, even if this is during the day due to a time zone shift.
How many people will not experience an effect from using DELTA?
For around 10-15% of people, DELTA does not appear to have an impact. This may be because their brains are receiving enough nutrients to support a natural sleep already. DELTA is a dietary supplement and will not have an impact if the nutrients it is replacing are not deficient in the individual. However, many people do not obtain optimal levels of all nutrients, even with a healthy balanced diet.

This is why we recommend that if you want to try DELTA, you should try our DELTA 5-box with its 14-day money back guarantee.
Why do I wake up earlier than I normally do with DELTA?
Waking up earlier than usual and feeling rested at the same time is a sign that DELTA is working for you: if you experience higher quality sleep, you may be naturally ready to rise earlier than usual!
However, if you still feel tired upon earlier waking, it could be due to elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol naturally rises in the early morning hours to bring about waking. If elevated adversely, cortisol can precipitate a premature wake-up. Always speak to your physician for any health related queries.

DELTA BRAINLUXURY can be increased to 1.5 bottles for one night. If this does not improve premature waking, it is possible that DELTA is not the right sleep supplement for you.
Sleep feels shorter and faster, but I feel rested. Why?
DELTA is designed to lengthen and improve your deep sleep phase. Therefore, it is possible that with DELTA you may sleep for an overall shorter amount of time, but still have more deep sleep, resulting in better rest. That's exactly what DELTA was designed for.
DELTA helped me fall asleep but I did not feel that I slept better. Why didn’t DELTA allow me to sleep longer?
It could be that you already sleep well and do not need DELTA. DELTA is designed to provide the nutrients your brain network needs to achieve quality sleep, but does not push your brain into a state that it does not otherwise need to enter. Individual biology differs.

Importantly, fully recovering, natural sleep does not have to be long. It just has to provide enough deep sleep to allow your brain to undergo the natural processes that are supposed to occur during sleep. It's not the sleep duration that is critical for a good sleep - it's the sleep quality.

Our first aspiration on our path to the Optimum was to create a product that supports your “natural sleep” with a substantial period of time in the deep sleep phase. DELTA is not a sleeping agent. It does not extend your sleeping time. It is designed to provide the nutrients your brain network needs to recharge. The freedom to decide what needs to be recharged and how fast remains up to your brain. This can work very quickly, or it may take some time. Even though individual biology differs, your brain will always know what it needs.
Does DELTA lower anxiety?
According to a data snapshot from an observational study of 73 DELTA users as part of the Test Your Optimum program in January 2022, 84% reported an improvement in mood and feeling better in the morning.

Some DELTA users have reported that they experienced a deep and sustained feeling of happiness and serenity in the morning hours after using DELTA.* The formula uses Glycine, which is known to lower anxiety, and Tryptophan, which gives off feelings of deep serenity the next morning.*

*The information Brainluxury provides is for educational and informational use only. The information is not intended to be used by the customer for any diagnostic purpose and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.
You should always consult a physician before using DELTA if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition or impairment or the status of your health.
I have insomnia. Would you recommend using DELTA BrainLuxury™?
While we empathize with those struggling with sleep disorders, we cannot offer health advice and recommend you speak with your health practitioner about any medical concerns.

Our products provide the key nutrients the human brain needs for natural deep sleep. We are driven to change the sleep space and improve our customers' deep sleep with DELTA.

✓ Improve deep sleep
✓ Fall asleep faster and feel energized
✓ 100% safe and transparent ingredients

DELTA BRAINLUXURY™ is not a substitute for any medical product that is intended to cure or prevent any diseases, including insomnia.
Why is DELTA priced as it is? What justifies the price-point?
DELTA is a premium product with a patent-pending formula of organic fruit juice, essential amino acids and other naturally-derived ingredients that has been refined over years of research & development. It is produced in a pharmaceutical-grade, clean-room facility using high-pressure processing (HPP) – an investment that helps preserve the nutrients of our high-quality ingredients and maintain freshness for up to 3 months. The price reflects the cost of our sourcing ingredients and production process.

Ingredients & Product Quality

What is inside DELTA?
DELTA supports your brain's natural melatonin production. It provides the key nutrients needed for natural deep sleep. The formula uses glycine, tryptophan, essential fatty acids, and vitamins to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality by stimulating your natural melatonin and serotonin production. For the full product information, ingredients and how they work in your sleep cycle, please visit our product page.
Are DELTA’s ingredients all-natural?
DELTA’s ingredients are 90% natural. A small percentage of the ingredients – salts, a vitamin C ester in algae oil and glycine, an important amino acid – are synthetic.

The lime juice, lemon juice, MCT oil, flaxseed oil and L-Tryptophan, vitamin E, vitamin D and water are all natural.
Does DELTA contain allergens?
DELTA does not contain any allergens, however, it is processed in a facility that may also handle other allergens.
Is DELTA Vegan? Does it contain added sugar? Does it contain gluten?
None of DELTA’s ingredients are derived from animal sources.
DELTA contains no added sugar. Please see the label, or our product page for detailed information.
No, DELTA does not contain gluten.

Production, Processing & Manufacturing

How is DELTA made? What is high pressure processing and why is it beneficial?
BrainLuxury uses high pressure processing (hpp) technology as a gentle preservation without additives and heat to increase shelf life, keeping omega-3 oils and amino acids effective for use.
Can I see how DELTA is made?
Yes, you can watch us making DELTA here:
Where do you source the ingredients and are they 3rd party lab tested?
All ingredients we source are from trusted vendors and we do regular chemical testing with a 3rd party laboratory to ensure the quality of every single ingredient and the end product. Every single batch we produce we test on microbes for the record and for quality control.
Our testing is done at laboratories.

Test Your Optimum (TYO) Sleep Assessment

What is Test Your Optimum (TYO)?
Test Your Optimum is BrainLuxury's self-assessment tool to help you track and analyze your sleep health, aiming to reach your Optimum through a set of sleep scores. Deep sleep is essential for overall brain health, so we ask questions to determine your current sleep score and how you can improve it. You'll be able to monitor how this changes as you use DELTA.
What is the Optimum?
The Optimum is the very best you can be! To some, it means waking up feeling refreshed and positive. To others, it means competing at your best and remaining focused throughout the day.

Your Optimum is the perfect balance of getting good quality deep sleep and continuing to give your brain what it needs to function correctly. Living at your Optimum is living your life feeling energized, healthy, and focused.
How do we measure your sleep score?
During our DELTA product testing, we use a self-reporting scientific questionnaire to assess our customers' sleep quality and evaluate any sleep problems. We are delighted to have made this available to all BrainLuxury customers with our 'Test Your Optimum' portal. We'll run through your sleep and daytime activities, giving you a score to help you understand the quantity and quality of your sleep.
How does the TYO program work?
Whether you are trying DELTA for the first time with a DELTA Trial Pack, or are a regular customer assessing their sleep, you are encouraged to check in every day to the TYO program to answer a few questions.

Each time, during your questionnaire, we'll ask you a series of questions that we'll use to ascertain how you slept and how your daily activities affect your sleep. For example, if you use a sleep tracker, you'll input this information and let us know how you feel emotionally and physically.

We can use all this data to calculate the score and give you a score out of 20 (20 being the highest and 1 being the lowest). Over time, you'll learn how to increase your score and see how DELTA is helping you achieve your Optimum.
If I am trying DELTA for the first time, what is the Test Your Optimum schedule?
The 7-day TYO schedule is:

Why are there gaps in the TYO schedule?
Taking a day or days off of DELTA gives you an opportunity to see how quickly you rebound without the nutritional supplement. This information will help you determine the best subscription and dosing regimen for you.

The free days are intended to understand how fast your brain is discharging and needs the next recharge with DELTA.
How do I access Test Your Optimum?
You can sign up for an account via our website, or, use the QR code in your DELTA package. You can scan this with your cell phone camera which will allow you to access the online program. This online program allows you to submit daily questionnaires about your progress with DELTA, and after 7 days of completion, you will receive your Optimum score as well as a recommendation for monthly usage. First, you'll need to make an account. You can sign up with your email address here. Once you've successfully logged into your account, you can use this same link to log and track your progress daily.
How long are the effects of this 7-day program supposed to last?
The effects typically last during the course of taking DELTA. However, DELTA provides all the building materials to recover your brain and form your brain learning and memory network. We had several users report higher performance and creativity levels during the day that is maintained beyond using DELTA.
Should I adjust my dose based on body weight?
The dose contained in a vial of DELTA is suitable for the majority of adults. In limited cases (e.g., if you are a very low bodyweight and you experience difficulty getting up in the morning after taking DELTA), a half-dose may be advised.

Subscriptions & Cancellations

What are your Subscription Billing Terms?
By subscribing to a monthly, 3 months or 6 months, subscription, you agree to the pricing program and acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment charge at the then-current subscription rate and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation, including where applicable any charges processed by BrainLuxury after the expiration date of your payment card.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed for successive monthly periods and your payment method will automatically be charged for each successive monthly period at the then-current subscription rate until you cancel your monthly subscription renewal, even after your subscription has naturally run out of the subscribed agreement at the first purchase. You are responsible to cancel your subscription within your Brainluxury account or email us at
What is your Subscription Cancellation policy?
It’s important to us to reward long-term customers; our subscriptions are heavily discounted as a benefit of subscribing. Therefore, when you take out a subscription you get a discount of 10-35% over our standalone boxes.

Because of this, our 1, 3, and 6 month subscriptions are subject to minimum contract terms. Therefore, you cannot cancel your subscription until the end of your 1, 3, or 6 month subscription term. It is not possible to return a subscription either, as our products are perishable.

If you need to take a break from the subscription, you can pause it for one month. Please contact our team to arrange this. Pausing a subscription can only be done once every 3 months. For example, if you have a 6 month subscription, you could pause it after the second month, and you would then be charged again on the third month, with your subscription then returning to normal for the duration of your term.

If you need to speak to our team for further information, please contact us. If there are exceptional circumstances, please let our team know as we are happy to discuss your case.

Please note, we may, in our sole discretion, terminate your subscription at any time without any notice to you.
What happens when my subscription ends?
At the end of your subscription, all of our subscriptions change to rolling one month contacts with the same pricing structure. If you are a member of our automatic renewal program and you have provided us with a valid credit card number or an alternate payment method, each shipment will be automatically processed at the time of each successive shipment and/or installment and will be billed to the payment method you provided to us at the time of your initial purchase and enrollment.

You can let us know you’d like to cancel your subscription at the end of the term, please give us at least 3-days notice before your next subscription is due to ship. If you are on a rolling contract and you wish to cancel after , you can cancel your subscription at any time, but you must let us know 3-days before your subscription is due to ship. This is because once the order has shipped, you cannot return it.

If you wish to cancel your participation in our automatic renewal program, you may do so by calling a customer service representative at 855-272-4659, on our online chat, or by emailing

Shipping & Returns

What are your shipping timing/policies?
Standard shipping time is approximately 2-3 business days for the mainland USA.

Express shipping time is approximately 1-2 business days for the mainland USA. Eastern standard time is used as a reference.

All orders placed after Monday 12pm and before Tuesday 12pm will be shipped out on Tuesday.

All orders placed between Tuesday 12pm and Wednesday 12pm will be shipped out on Wednesday.

All orders placed after Wednesday 12pm and before Monday 12pm will be shipped out on Monday, except express shipping:

· If ordered on Thursday before 12 pm it will be shipped on Thursday.
· Orders after Thursday 12pm and before Monday 12pm will be shipped out on Monday for overnight shipping.

If you place an order for shipment to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico or an international address, you will be responsible for paying any additional shipping costs, vat and other taxes, tariffs, import or export duties, and other similar taxes, duties or fees attributable to such orders.
When will my product ship?
If you have selected normal shipping, your order should be delivered in 2-7 business days. Please be on the lookout, as you will receive an email with shipping and tracking information. You can also find more details on our shipping standards in the Terms and Conditions section of our website:
I will be traveling the day my product arrives. Can I reschedule the delivery?
BrainLuxury products contain fresh ingredients, such as organic fruit juice. Much like the juice you get at the store, it’s better to keep fresh products in the refrigerator to maintain them at their best. However, the ingredients in DELTA & GAMMA will not spoil if they are left at room temperature for 48 hours, so please do not worry if you are not there when they first arrive. If you’re not sure, or you think the product may be off, please contact us.

Our packages contain ice packs, so they will be kept cool from the moment they leave us, to the moment they arrive with you. No matter when you open your package, we’d recommend that you place the contents straight into the refrigerator to store them and keep them at their best.

If the delivery date doesn’t work for you, we can postpone or skip your delivery if you notify us at least 12h before the day of the shipping-fulfillment. For example: if you ordered on Monday afternoon, you need to contact us by Tuesday 9am EST to alternate your delivery time or address.
My BrainLuxury shipment has arrived warm. Can I still use it?
Yes, you can! Please rest assured that your shipment is still safe to consume. You do not need to worry if your order arrives and isn't cool anymore, but we recommend you place it straight into the fridge from then onwards. We use ice packs to mitigate any warm weather during the shipping process. We are constantly developing and testing our products under adverse temperatures (both very hot and very cold) for extended periods to ensure they are the best they can be when they arrive.
Do you ship to P.O. boxes?
No, due to the special way our products are transported (cold shipping) we do not ship to P.O. boxes.
Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we ship our products only within the United States. If you would be interested in a delivery to a different country, please get into touch with us under
Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico?
Yes, we can ship our products to all 50 states. However, shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will require an additional fee.
Can I make changes to my order once it has been submitted?
We can try to update certain changes to your order like product quantity and change of address, if you contact us within 2 hours of placing your order. Due to our quick turnaround with processing orders, we cannot guarantee that your request can be fulfilled.

Storage and Handling

How should I store my products? Do they need to be refrigerated? How long can they be left outside for?
DELTA does need to be kept cool for longevity of the product, however, before opening it is generally okay for them to be unrefrigerated for 48 hours.
Please store your DELTA in ​​the refrigerator at or below 45F or 7C on arrival.

Every bottle contains a best before date. Once a bottle has been opened, consume it within two days. For best results, shake the bottle for 5-10 seconds to activate and drink the entire bottle at once.
My product is no longer cold. What should I do? Can I still use it?
Yes, you can! Please rest assured that your shipment is still safe to consume. You do not need to worry if your order arrives and isn't cool anymore, but we recommend you place it straight into the fridge from then onwards. We use ice packs to mitigate any warm weather during the shipping process.

We are constantly developing and testing our products under adverse temperatures (both very hot and very cold) for extended periods to ensure they are the best they can be when they arrive.
What happens if I don't keep DELTA in the fridge?
DELTA is made with freshly-prepared juice and oils that hold longevity at its best when cold and out of sunlight in order to reach the indicated shelf life. Sunlight actively degrades the omega-3 oils. That is why we recommend storing it in a refrigerated environment.
I have a hard time drinking cold things. Can I leave DELTA out on the counter to bring it up to room temp before drinking it?
You can take it out of the fridge before consumption to allow it to get to room temperature if you wish.
Is it okay if the the contents look cloudy?
Our product contains a mixture of juice and oils so it is typical to see different layers. We recommend shaking the vial well for at least 5-10 seconds before consumption for optimal taste and results.
Can I travel with the product in my carry-on baggage on a plane?
Our vials is 2 fl.oz, which falls under TSA guidelines for traveling with liquids in your carry-on. Please be mindful of your travel time with a fresh product; you could use a well-insulated container to keep your products chilled for longer.
How will I know if my product has gone off?
DELTA should not be consumed after the expiration or “best before” date printed on the vial. When you shake the product, it's normal for small bubbles to appear, but if your bottle of DELTA demonstrates an hiss of bubbles after opening it, like opening a soda, this is a sign it has gone bad.
I don't like the taste, what can I do?
Sorry to hear you do not like the taste – our DELTA drink is a crisp citrus flavor from the lemon and lime juice, so it may taste a little sour or bitter. Because we do not add sugar, artificial sweetener, or artificial flavoring that might interfere with the supplements’ effects, the flavor may be sharp to some users.

Some suggestions to improve the taste are to shake the vial for at least 5 seconds before use to activate and mix the ingredients. We would suggest avoiding drinking it right after brushing your teeth. You can rinse your mouth out with water after taking DELTA.
Can I take DELTA in my carry-on baggage on a plane?
Yes, Delta has been developed in line with the airline and airport security regulation. It can be placed in your carry-on bag, or in your cosmetics and toiletry bag. DELTA is also TSA approved.

Medical Conditions, Medications, Supplements & Sensitivities

Are BrainLuxury products safe for children?
Despite hearing some positive anecdotal experiences from our customers, we do not recommend that children under 18 use our products as our research, testing, and development are based on adults.

Please always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding taking DELTA.
Can I take DELTA when sick?
Achieving optimal sleep is particularly important when you are sick or recovering from an illness. Therefore, DELTA can be even more useful in these cases. As DELTA is a nutritional supplement, it is likely to be safe in most circumstances.

However, illness can have a variety of causes. Be sure to consult your physician to ensure it is safe to take DELTA while you are sick.
I am on medication. Can I take DELTA?
Please consult a physician before using DELTA if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have a medical condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.
I’m currently taking prescription medication or other dietary supplements. Can I still use DELTA? Should I discontinue my prescription sleep aid before taking DELTA?
If you are currently taking prescription antidepressants, such as Prozac, anxiolytics (anti-anxiety medication) such as Xanax, hypnotics such as GABA, sleeping pills, such as Ambien, any other prescription medication, or any supplements, be sure to consult your prescribing physician prior to taking DELTA or any other nutritional supplement.

Brain supplements not intended for sleep are safe to use in combination with DELTA, as long as cleared by a physician. Likewise, consult with your physician before discontinuing any prescription medications.

The product label containing the list of ingredients for your physician to review is available at:
Can I take DELTA & artificial Melatonin together?
DELTA triggers your brain to produce Melatonin naturally (via tryptophan) to help you fall asleep. This melatonin is produced in natural form and amount, decided by your brain. If you are taking prescription melatonin, please consult your physician before changing your medication.
I’m discontinuing use of my antidepressant, anxiolytic, hypnotic, or sleeping pill. Can DELTA replace these medications?
DELTA is a high-dose brain food, not a prescription-strength pharmaceutical product. DELTA may help to reduce the feelings of withdrawal some people experience when discontinuing their prescription medications, but users should not expect DELTA to replace prescription medications in support of sleep right away. Likewise, consult with your physician before discontinuing any prescription medications.
Does DELTA work for people with sleep apnea?
We have not yet conducted any controlled studies on sleep apnea and do not know whether DELTA will specifically impact the mechanisms associated with sleep apnea. Please consult your physician before starting DELTA.
Can I take vitamins like Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins D or E while taking DELTA?
Please speak to your physician to understand if you should, or should not take DELTA and other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D can block melatonin production when given in high doses in particular in the afternoon/evening, so it may be better to take these in the morning and DELTA in the evening, but please speak to your doctor. Other vitamins should not have much of an effect while taking DELTA.
Why does DELTA contain Vitamin D if it inhibits melatonin production at night?
Vitamin D only impacts the production of melatonin at high levels. The low concentration of vitamin D that is contained in DELTA does not impact melatonin production.
Can I use DELTA if I have had alcohol?
Consult your physician before combining DELTA with alcohol. We have very limited experimental data about the consumption of DELTA after drinking alcohol. In a small study, DELTA was observed to provide some benefits after consuming alcohol, as the enhanced sleep facilitated improved detoxification, and the ingredients such as vitamins and zinc may have helped to counteract feelings of a hangover. On the other hand, alcohol has been well documented to impair entry into deep sleep, so it could soften the effects of DELTA on sleep. Because DELTA only contains dietary supplements, no special safety considerations need to be made beyond those normally considered for alcohol consumption.
Can I take DELTA with a non-alcoholic drink?
It is safe to combine DELTA with non-alcoholic beverages but please keep in mind that we recommend avoiding sugar as it disturbs falling asleep. We also cannot confirm whether DELTA has the same effectiveness mixed with another drink as standalone. If mixing it with another drink, you need to make sure it’s properly shaken beforehand (for 5-10 seconds).
How does coffee affect sleep?
Because coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant, it will impede your ability to fall asleep, negatively impacting the full effects of DELTA. Coffee consumption is not recommended in the afternoon or evening.

Trial Pack: Money-Back Guarantee

What is Your Money-Back Guarantee?
We are confident that you will love your DELTA & GAMMA Trial Packs. However, if you are unsatisfied and do not experience a benefit, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee for the DELTA BrainLuxury™ Trial Pack or the GAMMA BrainLuxury™ Trial Pack only. This money-back-guarantee only applies to new customers who have purchased a Trial Pack, not a 10, 20, or 30 Box.

In the event you are dissatisfied with a purchase other than the Trial Pack or are a returning customer, please contact us at


Is DELTA recyclable?
All BrainLuxury products are recyclable. Our formula is packaged in recycled PET (rPET) bottles.
How are you trying to be sustainable?
We want to be transparent about our sustainability journey; we are working hard to ensure we minimise our impact on the planet, but as a small company, we are also learning as we go. We aim to continue to challenge our boundaries, investing in pioneering solutions for shipping, packaging and our products.

All ingredients in your order are free of animal products, tested and sourced from the highest quality suppliers. You can be sure that all packaging in your BrainLuxury package, from the box to the lids of the bottles, is all 100% recyclable. The only exception is the ice packs, which we recommend you reuse. This could be at a family picnic or stocked ready in your freezer for the next occasion.
What steps have you taken to make BrainLuxury more sustainable in the future?
Our development team is currently innovating and testing solutions to rid our products of ice packs to ship them in an ambient way, further reducing our impact. We are confident that we will soon have a solution for this!

When you first sign up to BrainLuxury and receive one of our branded premium bottle cases, we recommend that you keep these to use in the future. For all future subscriptions, we send our bottles free-packed - reducing the amount of packaging in all larger, regular orders. This also means that your order is lighter and has a smaller carbon footprint.

While we are doing all we can, we are aware that we do not have all the answers - yet! You can rest assured that we are making a conscious push toward forward-thinking sustainable practices.