BrainLuxury | Founders' Story

BrainLuxury | Founders' Story

At BrainLuxury, we’re your brain’s biggest fans. Our mission is to help you nourish your brain to support natural deep sleep, focus and creativity.

Our magnificent brains 

Human life is spent straddling two divides: sleep and wakefulness. At the helm is the brain, a magnificent organ that, when left to its own devices, can execute its role of sleep starter, hero healer, and cognitive champion with perfection. 

Ensuring the brain is at its natural optimum, resulting in better deep sleep, is at the heart of BrainLuxury, something close to home for our co-founders, both personally and professionally. It was the passion that drove the production of our market-disrupting products, DELTA & GAMMA. DELTABrainLuxuryTM for deep sleep, and GAMMABrainLuxuryTM for focus.

Our brain, in today's reality

Science and research shows us that the brain has everything it needs to work on our behalf to help sleep. The brain shouldn't need any additional synthetic stimulants, such as artificial melatonin. All its processes, from deep sleep and managing our sleep cycle, to cell repair and memory, are natural phenomena that occur in our heads 24/7. Our extraordinary brain sets us up for the day, allowing us to survive and thrive. 

The thing is, it doesn't always work out this way. Sometimes our circadian rhythm is off and we don't always have a restful night and a focused morning. In the extreme, many live with the pain of chronic sleep debt and sleep disorders, often resulting in anxiety, depression, low moods, and trouble with memory and cognitive function. 

Sometimes, our brain's core vitals are just out of whack. The worst thing is, against our best intentions, it can sometimes be because of our lifestyle.

That is where we come in. The scientists and team at BrainLuxury are your brain's biggest fans. If you're struggling with sleep, we want to help you get your brain waves back to their former glory. This is where our quest to get your brain back to its peak begins.

Your brain knows best!

Sometimes we try and give our brains a little help but end up making things worse. When we first wake or in the afternoon slump, it's common rely on cups of coffee to get a nudge. When counting sheep doesn't cut it, some get a little help from OTC artificial melatonin or prescription sleeping aids. 

Today's market has led us to believe that these 'aids' can jump-start our natural processes, suggesting that by upping our melatonin levels, we're helping our brain by doing the work ourselves.

We differ from the market! Our team knows the brain should, and can, function without adding artificial stimulants. We have pioneered products for natural sleep improvement and daytime focus to help your brain get back to its optimum and stay there. 

Help your brain help you

BrainLuxury was born from this ideology because we've been there and seen loved ones struggle with sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep changes everything!

We are here to shake up the sleep supplement industry and improve sleep quality through natural means. Instead of fast-tracking or synthesizing the brain's process, we have innovated a product that simply boosts the supply of all the key nutrients our brains need to help us. 

No caffeine, no artificial melatonin. We recognize that caffeine and synthetic melatonin disrupt the brain's pathways, so our products instead guide your brain to do its own thing.

Our products speak your brain's language, introducing familiar molecules‚ÄĒglycine, omega-3 oils, and tryptophan back into the brain to boost rest.¬†

Why does this work? Because this magic team of molecules are already present in our brains. They just need reintroducing to help us fall asleep, build memory, and improve our mood and alertness come morning. We ensure you can enjoy a good night's rest without compromising your body's natural processes.

The journey to deep sleep 

While our mission is to make healthy deep sleep accessible to everyone, it started from a personal need to help those closest to the Founders of BrainLuxury. 

After years of watching his once active sister struggle with poor sleep, made worse with antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds and sleeping agents, BrainLuxury Co-Founder and Chairman, Axel Bouchon, decided to take matters into his own hands. Using his experience in biochemistry and neurological brain development, he tried and tested different ways of supplementing foods to help induce deep sleep for his sister. Over three weeks, and after rounds of unpalatable formulas, he developed a nutritional supplement to improve deep sleep. 

This supplement helped boost his sister's sleep in a time of momentous need. Afterwards, her meagre three hours of sleep a night became a satisfying eight hours a night, complete with an energy boost in the morning. It was life-changing for his family, and he set out to help others but needed help bringing it to market. This is how DELTABrainLuxuryTM was born. 


When science meets innovation

BrainLuxury first set out to use science to find gentler ways to initiate deep sleep in the brain. We soon discovered that it was not only possible but immensely effective.

Fascinated by the effects of this product and motivated by the gap in the sleep supplement market, co-founder Hermann Sch√ľtzinger, with an extensive background in the consumer goods industry, understood the importance of helping people sleep. The journey to market was not easy; the natural sleep supplement needed to be innovative and accessible, made using multi-million dollar equipment to manufacture it in a way that was animal friendly and gave product stability.¬†

The partnership led to a trailblazing, market-disrupting sleep supplement as an alternative to melatonin without preservatives, gluten or added sugars. A tasty, effective and natural way to promote deep sleep and improve daytime focus. 

The winning combination of these two minds gave life to BrainLuxury.


We hope this has helped you on your quest for good sleep. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to our team.

A drink called DELTA by BrainLuxury that helps promote deep sleep 

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