New Year, New You? Should we reinvent or refine?

New Year, New You? Should we reinvent or refine?

At this time of year, everyone sells the 'dream version of you'. In January, there's a lot of pressure on us to be perfect. It can be overwhelming, so this year, can we refine ourselves rather than reinvent ourselves? 

Goals for 2023 - what would make you feel you? What do you need to do to feel happy and healthy? If you're ready for the next level, what do you want to accomplish? 

Your vision of success.

Picture the result of your goal. Define a clear vision, and write it down. Understand the motivations behind the goal. Is it what you want or something you think you need because of others? 

Take small steps. 

Break it down. What's the strategy? Take small steps, building consistently. You might be tempted to try and do everything at once, but it won't help. 

Here's the thing, if you set a goal that's too ambitious and vague, it can be easy to get discouraged or lose sight of your motivation. Not only is this less likely to happen if you break down your goals down, but it also helps keep things more manageable overall.

You can start at any time!

Whether it's January or not, it is time to take a step forward. Let's say you want to sleep better, but you are in a vicious cycle of not getting enough sleep at night and caffeinating through the day. Try one thing that will improve your sleep hygiene, then build from there. 

Make goals measurable.

Create a measurable timeline of when you want to achieve the goal. Organize yourself - with a strong plan, patience, and willpower, you're ready to start. 

Give yourself space. 

Be prepared for the ups and downs. When you achieve a step, acknowledge your progress. If you fail, learn and refresh!

Get happy & healthy!

You made it! When you've reached the finish line, pause. Take stock of everything you've accomplished. Then, self-reflect and work out what's next 🙌



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