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Sleep, exercise, and diet: The secret to a happy & healthy life?

We can safely say that it is no secret that these three things can improve not only the quality of your life but also its longevity. 

Several studies have indicated that improving your sleep cycle, eating a nutritious, balanced diet, and moving your body to increase your heart rate, are all things you can do to help your body and brain thrive in the long term. Doing one of these will contribute, but the ‘secret’ is doing all three. 

The three musketeers of health 

In this blog, our team focuses on the why. Why is sleep important for brain health? Why is it critical to fuel your body with a balanced, nutritional diet? Why do we need to exercise to keep our hearts healthy, and what can we do to improve our relationship with these three things?

Sleep, exercise, and diet are intertwined in complex relationships, influencing each other in numerous ways. Can you really have one without the others?

Scientists, cardiologists, and neuroscientists have long-researched and tried to understand the upwards lifestyle trajectory of improved well-being through quality sleep, better diet, and increased heart health. 

It’s important to the team behind BrainLuxury too. Our deep sleep supplements and supplements to improve your natural focus are designed to help you live your life at the Optimum. But, more about that later! 

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A balanced, nutrient-rich diet for the win  

The saying, ‘you are what you eat’ is a clique, but whoever said it wasn’t wrong! It would be hard to find an element of our health that wasn’t affected by what we eat. There’s so much goodness in what we eat when we’re eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods. This means healthy eating of a balanced diet of protein, carbs, minerals, and vitamins.

From heart disease and obesity to mental health and sleep disorders, eating a balanced diet has been shown by scientific research to be a risk-reducer and tonic to many of the above. 

Food can improve your workouts and performance, with specific proportions of foodie-fuel protein and carbs increasing muscle growth and helping you recover faster from fatigue. 

You also get key sleep-inducing amino acids, vitamins, and minerals from your food, so a diet rich in nutrients can help you sleep better. This is precisely why our deep sleep supplement contains the ingredients it does - so you can drift off and get the quality sleep you’re searching for. 

We’re not preaching - it can be tough and sometimes expensive to maintain a healthy diet, but science says it’s a good idea to take steps towards a more balanced diet, however small they are! 

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Exercising your way to a brighter future

Have you heard of the runners high? That euphoric feeling you get about ten minutes after finishing a run is a benefit of exercise that you feel right away! 

Exercise is a must for long-term health, with experts recommending at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Including regular exercise in your lifestyle has been proven to have excellent long-term health benefits like improved mental health, stronger bones, better weight management, weight loss, and a reduced chance of many diseases. 

The fact we love the most is that exercise directly helps you sleep 🙌 (not too close to bedtime, though!). During the day, this could be things like weight lifting or a spin class, and towards nighttime, you could focus on more relaxing things like yoga or general stretching. 

Read our tips on better deep sleep hygiene for some sleep-focused exercises to get your body moving and help your mind switch off. 

A man asleep in bed

Healthy sleep, healthy life  

Our personal favorite - sleep! In our opinion, sleep is a spectacular brain function used to recover, repair and restore your body. Without good sleep, specifically deep sleep & rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, research has discovered that people are at an increased risk of anything from strokes and heart disease to decreased cognitive function, poor mental health, and lack of concentration. It's natural to wonder how to improve sleep quality, as many Americans have sleep problems; trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep.

A good circadian rhythm, and getting enough sleep makes you less prone to injury when you are exercising and also staves off cravings to eat more food. It’s a good idea to aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night in healthy adults. Children often need much more as they are growing! 

If you’re struggling to get the sleep naturally you desire, there could be an underlining health condition, so it’s always an idea to talk to your medical professional.

If you’re keen on getting enough of the key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your brain needs for healthy deep sleep without taking artificial melatonin - the deep sleep supplement DELTA can help! We offer an alternative to artificial melatonin, including omega 3, glycine, tryptophan, and vitamins for sleep, designed specifically to increase deep sleep.

Here’s a diagram of how the ingredients help you improve your natural deep sleep: 

We also have a blog about ways to improve sleep. Again, please speak to your medical practitioner if you have any concerns or to assess your health. 

I struggle to do all three well; help!?

In the modern world, life is busy, and it can feel like a constant juggling act to get enough sleep, eat healthily and exercise enough. We totally understand! 

All three aspects of health mentioned in this blog are key, but is one most important? It’s hard to say with each one being so closely linked to each other. Our advice is to start somewhere, and pick something manageable for you and your life. While we can’t advise where exactly you should focus, but your doctor can help you assess where to start, knowing your medical history and lifestyle. 

You can read our blog here for more helpful information on brain health and sleep. 


We hope this has helped you on your quest for good sleep. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to our team.

A drink called DELTA by BrainLuxury that helps promote deep sleep 

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