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  • a woman sleeping deeply in her bedroom
    5 ways to increase deep sleep for better brain health 🧠 💪
    Wondering how can you improve deep sleep? Learn fundamental sleep tips to help your brain sleep naturally. If you want to increase deep sleep or your sleep quality, read these top tips for natural, deep sleep.
  • a man fast asleep in a deep sleep
    What Is Deep Sleep & How Much Do I Need?
    Sleep is the body's most basic function for healing and regenerating itself, but sometimes, it's not that easy to drift off and sleep peacefully. Learn what deep sleep is, how can you improve deep sleep and how you can improve sleep quality. 
  • man sleeping well in a deep sleep
    Sleep Quantity vs. Sleep Quality
    Ever wondered if sleep quality or sleep quantity was more important to overall health? Should you aim for 8 hours, or should you aim for quality sleep by looking at your deep sleep data? We look at the difference and how sleep affects your quality of life. If you're searching for a deep sleep supplement to increase your quality of deep sleep, read more!
  • What is Melatonin?
    What is Melatonin?
    For anyone familiar with melatonin, this hormone is a household name mainly for its role in sleep improvement. However, melatonin’s recognition for sleep enhancement alone paints an unfair, or at least incomplete picture of its important functions for daily life. Should you be taking melatonin? Or, should your brain be creating enough melatonin naturally? Read on to learn more.