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You sleep for 28 years.
Do it right.


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You spend about 2,920 hours asleep every year.

You might not have thought twice about how important this is, or how it affects your daily life?

During sleep, your brain works extremely hard to support your physical and mental well-being.

If you're not sleeping well - tossing and turning all night - you might feel you:

- Struggle to focus & perform daily tasks

- Feel groggy, stressed & frustrated

- Lack energy and excitement

- Worry about long-term health issues

Is OTC melatonin what it seems?

Dr. Andrew Huberman

- Dr. Andrew Huberman

“It’s effective in that it can shift your circadian clock. But I am a strong believer in avoiding taking exogenous melatonin. First of all, it’s been well documented that many of the supplements that contain melatonin have far too much — 3 to 6 milligrams is a massive dose. Typically, the body makes very little melatonin.”

Ask Me Anything: Neuroscience with Andrew Huberman

Dr. Matthew Walker

- Dr. Matthew Walker

"Now, it can be somewhat efficacious, but the studies are equivocal. The US government does not regulate it, and from one different vendor to the next, the melatonin concentration relative to the bottle can be anywhere between 80% less to 460% more. So, it's a bit of a wild west, and you have to be quite careful. Most people tend to typically overdose with melatonin; they tend to typically take maybe five mg or 10 mg."

Is Melatonin A Good Sleep Aid?
Why We Sleep |Penguin Books UK

BrainLuxury is not endorsed by Andrew Huberman or Matthew Walker nor affiliated with either party.

With the right brain nutrition, a perfect night of natural sleep is possible...

That’s exactly why we developed DELTA. The feeling of endless productivity, energy and the most peaceful sleep of your life packed into a bottle.

DELTA is a supplement for natural sleep that helps your brain produce its own melatonin and serotonin in a healthy and natural way, fueled by the nutrients it needs to thrive.

No nasties - just pure body and brain power helping your brain do what it's supposed to do better!


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How is it different?

Ingredients that get your brain back to its best in 5 steps.

Ingredients that get your brain back to its best:

GAMMA liquid sample

Step 1

Omega & Essential Fatty Acids

Algae oil

Algae oil (DHA, EPA)

Supports learning and memory

Supports natural brain function

May support healthy immunity

May support healthy heart and circulation

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil (ALA)

May support:

Healthy heart and circulation

Healthy immunities

Coconut oil

MCT Oil from coconuts

May regulate insulin & blood sugar levels, perfect for sleep

May increase the number of full sleep cycles

Vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar, no artificial flavors

Does it really work?

Our customers think it does.

Faster onset of sleep


Improved sleep quality


Feeling better in the morning


Our Science Board spent over 30 years cracking the sleep code, so you don’t have to.

Dr. Danielle Greenberg

DANIELLE GREENBERG, Ph.D. FTOS, FACN BrainLuxury Science and Innovation Advisory Board

Dr. Alan Strohmeyer

Alan Strohmeyer, Ph.D. BrainLuxury Science and Innovation Advisory Board

Joyce Longfield, M.Sc.

JOYCE LONGFIELD, M.Sc. BrainLuxury Science and Innovation Advisory Board

Dr. Mohannad Mannaa

Mohannad Mannaa, M.D. BrainLuxury Science and Innovation Advisory Board

How to get your perfect morning?

How to use DELTA and what you can expect:

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Steps to follow for a good night's sleep
Good sleep graphic on bottle of DELTA BrainLuxury
Top of a bottle of DELTA BrainLuxury Steps for consuming DELTA BrainLuxury Good sleep graphic on bottle of DELTA BrainLuxury Morning after using DELTA BrainLuxury

DELTA BrainLuxury™

Supports natural deep sleep without artificial melatonin.

DELTA BrainLuxury box of 20 bottles

DELTA BrainLuxury™

Supports natural deep sleep without artificial melatonin.

DELTA BrainLuxury box of 20 bottles
100% no animal ingredients.
No additives or artifical flavors.
Produced in our facility in Germany.
  • L‑Tryptophan, Glycine, MCT, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA, DHA, ALA), Omega‑9 Fatty Acids, Magnesium, Zinc and others
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Improve your deep sleep.
Fall asleep faster.
Wake up refreshed.
No grogginess in the morning.
  • Recommended use: 1 bottle / night
  • Non-habit-forming

Better brain health through
natural deep sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DELTA BrainLuxury™?
DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a drink.

It provides your brain with the fuel it needs to support natural sleep.*

The formula uses glycine, tryptophan, essential fatty acids and vitamins to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality by stimulating your natural melatonin and serotonin production.

Our products do not contain any artificial melatonin. DELTA is a deep sleep supplement with nutrients and other ingredients that trigger your sleep.

With DELTA BrainLuxury™, your brain finds its way back to a sleep phase where it can recharge while resting and can decide for itself how long and how deep of a sleep it needs.
What ingredients are in DELTA?
Click here to view all ingredients.
What is so special about the formula?
Over 60% of our brain is fat. A fundamental piece of brain nutrition is a composition of fatty acids that we need to consume to give our brain what it needs to perform at its best. However, we sometimes lack these in modern diets. With DELTA, we created a nutritional recipe that contains the fatty acids and amino acids your brain needs to perform at its optimum; to allow us to enter deep sleep and restore for the day ahead.*
Is DELTA a sleeping agent?
No. DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a nutritional supplement. It does not contain sleeping agents (in contrast to OTC melatonin supplements). DELTA BrainLuxury™ provides the precursor to melatonin, an amino acid called tryptophan. This allows the brain to use as much or as little as it needs to produce a deep sleep.* We believe sleep is very individual and your brain knows best how to get you into deep sleep.
Does DELTA contain melatonin?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any melatonin.

We believe that our brains should decide how much melatonin they need to create natural sleep.

Therefore, DELTA contains the natural precursor of melatonin: tryptophan. If you take DELTA, your brain will use the appropriate amount of tryptophan to produce melatonin naturally.
Does DELTA contain THC?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any THC.
Does DELTA contain CBD?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ does not contain any CBD.
Can I vape DELTA BrainLuxury™?
No, DELTA BrainLuxury™ is a nutritional supplement that you can drink. You cannot vape it.
Is DELTA FDA-approved?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve dietary supplements, it regulates them. The DELTA BrainLuxury™ formula and label follow all appropriate FDA guidelines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews

tried alot of things and this stuff works well. helps aide in my sleep

Michael Perez
better than magnesium and epa alone


Nice product

I'm amazed at how wonderful this works. I immediately noticed a big difference after my first dose of Delta. I woke up refreshed and don't recall having any interruptions throughout the night. I used sleep iq to track my sleep pattern each night. I was surprised to see a sleep number that was over 90. I haven't had that kind of quality sleep in a long time. The next day without delta, my number dropped to the low 60s and I woke up really tired like the other days.
Delta really brings back the quality of sleep everyone needs. This is especially true for me because even after the 2nd and 3rd doses, sleep quality was back again. It's so nice to get the sleep I need throughout the night.

Holly C.
Woke up feeling more refreshed, focused, and ready to take on the day

After my first dose of DELTA, I immediately noticed an improvement in sleep quality - the effects only continued to improve over the next several days. I woke up less during the middle of the night than I normally do and as a result, woke up feeling more refreshed, focused, and ready to take on the day.

Mohammed K.
Helps a majority of people

Overall I believe the product helps a majority of people who are sleep deprived but depending on your habits and rituals it might not be a game changer if you already have everything dialed in.

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