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In this blog, you will get everything from insights into neuroscience research to the best tips how to sleep well and keep your brain healthy. All blog posts are meticulously fact-checked and backed by science.

  • How Much REM Sleep Should You Get Every Night?
    How Much REM Sleep Should You Get Every Night?
    Did you know there are 4 stages in the sleep cycle? Although each stage is crucial, the final stage of each sleep cycle, REM, has been the focus of...
  • People exercising a lady sleeping and a table of healthy food
    Sleep, exercise, and diet: The secret to a happy & healthy life?
    Several studies have indicated that improving your sleep cycle, eating a nutritious, balanced diet, and moving your body to increase your heart rate, are all things you can do to help your body and brain thrive in the long term. Doing one of these will contribute, but the ‘secret’ is doing all three. Learn more about these three health pillars.
  • BrainLuxury | Founders' Story
    BrainLuxury | Founders' Story
    Human life is spent straddling two divides: sleep and wakefulness. BrainLuxury is on a mission to help your brain get back to its best, using science and innovation to help you sleep and stay focused. How did our story begin? Learn more about our expert sleep supplements and nutritional supplements for focus.
  • a woman sleeping deeply in her bedroom
    5 ways to increase deep sleep for better brain health 🧠 💪
    Wondering how can you improve deep sleep? Learn fundamental sleep tips to help your brain sleep naturally. If you want to increase deep sleep or your sleep quality, read these top tips for natural, deep sleep.
  • a man fast asleep in a deep sleep
    What Is Deep Sleep & How Much Do I Need?
    Sleep is the body's most basic function for healing and regenerating itself, but sometimes, it's not that easy to drift off and sleep peacefully. Learn what deep sleep is, how can you improve deep sleep and how you can improve sleep quality.